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Sunday, April 08, 2007

I Write....

i write when im angry
i write when im sad
i write when im frustrated, laid down
beneath the ground until all life is drained from me

i write when im alone,
when im held against the wall, drained and gagged,
framed by a solitary ray of light from nowhere

i write when im confused
i write when im down
i write when i feel betrayed, abandoned by whosever guiltless faces that surround me

i write when im hurting
i write when im helpless
i write when i need to,
or have to, like it can't be helped

...for fear of self-imprisonment, self-pity, doubt

i dont want to be a prisoner of my own monster
so this is what i do...

i write it all here, somewhere, anything
writing is the only outlet i have

im scared...scared of what could happen

i write because i fear...

i write...

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