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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One-man Journey

In a world of several hundred billion people, we sometimes choose to make our journeys alone. When you feel like everything is against you and no one understands your needs. No one cares. And no one will love you the way you wanted to. wish you can just hibernate for a while, the way bears do...and wake up in the spring where the sun shines beautifully and the flowers all bloom warmingly against your eyes.

It gets you holed up in your own head. It confuses. It stains. It hurts that out of the billion people on earth, no one can ever understand you. No one can ever walk with you on your journey. And no one will love you enough to end all the madness inside...

Days will pass. The trees may wither. The seas will ripple...but people will remain what they are...who they are...why they are...and they will never change. Not for you. Not even for themselves.

There will be days where you will meet someone along the journey. She may walk with you for a while. She will talk about her life and her achievements, her excellent career and overwhelming wealth...but once you start talking yourself she just runs away, looking for her next show-and-tell.

Twenty-two miles, and my legs are getting tired from this journey.
The way i see it. I'll be ending it the same way i started it. Alone...

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