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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why we are here...

Saw this post from GM T's blog >> GM Tristan

Heck, I felt all bloggers should answer this.

5 Reasons why I blog:

1. I love writing - only been a writer in a school paper...but i've always been one by heart ever since i read that magical book called Harry Potter. As a writer, it's great that more and more of us are getting out there, with blogging as a new tool.

2. Letting go and sharing new ideas - it's always been my purpose,and im sure all of you feel the same way. shame blogging wasnt invented on Einstein's time, we could've learned a lot more from them.

3. Freedom to express - i used to bottle up frustrations without letting it all off. blogging makes a convenient outlet for it. that's what writer's do dunnit? release it all on writing. then start a fresh leaf. a new fold. Here we can just be ourselves and just let go...

4. Globalization - the world is getting smaller with blogging. people from all corners are getting in touch with others. connecting. sharing. living. that's blogging.

5. Meeting new people - you know how people are closer in the net than they are actually in real life? To be honest, ive found some of my bestest best friends in the net. i also got the chance to meet cool new people. great people actually. down-to-earth.


GM Tristan said...

Great blog dude! Nice skin (i know where you got it hehe). Anyways, for your readers who want to check my answers to the 5 reasons they're HERE

Also, for the "tag" to work, you know have to ask 5 of your blogger friends to answer the same question. This way, you spread the links and get more visitors.

Hope this helps!

GM Tristan

GM Pixel said...

i hear ya GM T...and sorry for appending a "gm" word on my name:P it took me a lot of courage to put it in, but hey...i can dream can i??

darrick07 said...

no commento

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